Our trial classes are suitable for anyone with or without prior experience with clay. 

Structured to allow participants an experience of SO-CA's teaching style and learning environment, we hope to encourage a deeper appreciation of pottery and its associated skills from a craft perspective through experiential learning. 

This intensive workshop will be challenging. We aim to provide an honest overview of the demanding nature of our craft alongise studio pottery practices - especially the multifarious processes that has to occur before raw materials can be transformed into a ceramic work. 

You are encouraged to book at least a week in advance. Do drop us a note at below and we will inform you of our upcoming availability. 

**Fees include Weekday Delivery to 1 SG location between 9am - 4pm. Pots will be delivered within 1-2 months after the workshop.  Participants will be informed a day or two in advance before pots are passed on to the delivery service. 


Potter's Wheel

(3 hours)

SGD  120      

In this class, participants will be taught to create vessels by throwing off the hump - a method commonly employed by artisanal pottery - through a mix of demonstrations and hands-on try-outs. 

Thereafter, each participant will get to work independently on 2kg of prepared clay on their personal potter's wheel. Our classes are structured to encourage personal discovery through doing. 

Cleaning up is mandatory.

Fees include firing charges for 2 choice items and local postage charges.


(2.5 hours)

SGD 95

Participants will be guided on employing the banding wheel and molds that can allow for plate-making or asymmetrical dishes - objects that cannot be achieved on the potter's wheel.

The banding wheel allows for much better control as compared to the potter's wheel hence allowing participants to achieve their ideal shapes more easily. 

Good form and finish will be the main focus for our handbuilding trial class. 

Cleaning up is mandatory. 

Fees include charges for 1 choice item and local postage charge. 

Drop us a note on your preferred lesson and we will get back to you on our upcoming schedule. 

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