Ceramic Workshops

Team-building + Team-bonding 

Encouraging participants to explore a different mode of communication with their hands and imagination, the tactile nature of working with clay can be a therapeutic social activity. 

Our team-building ceramic workshops serve not only as a means of creative outlet but also promote an understanding of the craft.

Please write to info@schoolofclayarts.com  with your requirements. 

On-Site Corporate Workshop

(Image credit: Tracy Wong, HR Manager of Crimson Logic)

Off-Site Corporate Workshop 

(Image credit: Hongyuan Li, Medical Professional with Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan Hospital)


Ceramic Pop-Ups

Suitable for retail spaces, private party or cafes, SO-CA is experienced at tailoring a suitable ceramic pop-up experience. 

Image Credit: My Art Space @ Suntec 


Collaborative Art Projects

A Community Arts Project involving the seniors of Macpherson estate (Jan - Aug 2016 )

Re-imagining Retirement is an 8 months-long project motivated by an interest to engage and understand more about the approaches towards craftwork by the residents of Macpherson estate. Through free weekly ceramics classes at Macpherson Community Centre, supported by the National Arts Council (Singapore), SO-CA gathered a better understanding of the concerns and perspectives that revolved around object-making by a group of seniors. 

This project cumulated in an exhibition presented at the Macpherson PassionArts Festival 2016. The event was graced by MP Tin Peiling. 


Addressing Soil from a Local Potter’s Perspective  (Oct 2015)

Part 1 of 4 sessions of B A B E L - a think-tank initiative motivated by the search for unfamiliar stories of familiar crafts - this lecture cum workshop session took place at Ground-Up Initiative. 

B A B E L is the brainchild of Ng Huiying, a social and community advocate. This project was supported by the National Youth Fund. 

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