Wheel Throwing Foundations 2021 (3 Hours x 4 Classes. Max 4 Students per Intake)

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About <Wheel Throwing Foundations>* previously known as  <An Introduction to Throwing on the Potter's Wheel>

This course is NOT suitable for the complete beginner or those without prior handbuilding experience. It will be challenging to keep up in this course without experience working with clay. Please do consider taking up our <Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding> before joining this course.  

<Wheel Throwing Foundations> is targetted at students with or without prior experience throwing on the potter's wheel. It is structured to contextualise the basis of working on the potter's wheel by breaking down the essential techniques of throwing and turning over 4 weeks. 

Min 3pax to start a class. 

Course Objectives: 

This is a foundation course in throwing on the wheel. Step-by-step instructions and demonstrations will be provided. Students will experience and come to understand how prior preparatory processes - ie: wedging or well-recycled clay - will come to affect the structural integrity of the clay used by the potter. Preparatory processes have a strong bearing on creating pots effectively on the potter's wheel. Students will also learn the fundamental forms on the wheel that must be achieved with ease - ie: coning and centering, building cylinders...etc - as well as the recommended speed of working and amount of water necessary for effective wheel-work. 

Forming of various shapes, throwing off the hump and trimming of various foot types may be passingly introduced as variations of the basic principles behind wheel work. The priority of this course remain focused on getting students to be able to critically evaluate and understand the importance of preparing their clay well so as to work towards throwing with ease independently in future.   


290 SGD per student. 

Do note that there will not be firing of objects as part of this course. 

Cancellation/Modification Policies: 

There will not be any refunds once this course has been booked. 

Students are to ensure they are able to attend all classes as there will not be any make-up class as part of this course. 


You are highly encouraged to come with cut/short nails, apron, a rag, comfortable loose clothing ie: tee-shirts and shorts (skirts are NOT recommended) and a basic tool kit if you already have one. 

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