HandBuilding with Porcelain (AUGUST 2022) / Porcelain Throwing Workshop (SEPT 2022)

$150.00 SGD

Upcoming Workshop

- About <Handbuilding with Porcelain> by Gloria Ishiekwene

Dates and Timings: 

[HWP2022/ Batch 3] WEEKDAY

  • 23rd August 2022. Tuesday, 130PM - 4PM. 
  • 24th August 2022. Wednesday, 130PM - 5PM

[HWP2022/ Batch 4] WEEKEND

  • Coming Your Way September

Porcelain has a notorious reputation with studio potters because of its poor plasticity. Yet, its continued seduction lies in its translucency when fired. Handbuilding with porcelain is can be more challenging than throwing because of the clay's tendency to dry out very quickly and form surface cracks. Any maker who has attempted to create a sculptural vase with commercial bagged porcelain clay will find their attempts quite futile as the clay body sags easily. 

In this two days workshop, Teacher Gloria will be guiding participants on the popular additions to commercially prepared porcelain clay body that can support kaolin-based clay bodies for height as well as girth using handbuilding techniques.   

Participants will be creating two projects on the second day - one slab-based tableware style item and another, a coiled/pinched pendant lamp. Teacher Gloria will also be sharing tips, tools and neat tricks based on her porcelain handbuilding projects and experiences to-date. Participants are also encouraged to share their experiences with porcelain - the struggles and your small wins. At soca, we always encourage all workshops as sessions for practising potters to exchange  experiences, ideas and learn from one another!

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- About <Porcelain Throwing Workshop> by @socasg

[PTW2022/ Batch 1] Dates and Timings: *Sold Out*

  • 11th June 2022, Saturday, 230PM - 530PM
  • 12th June 2022, Sunday, 230PM - 530PM

[PTW2022/ Batch 2] Dates and Timings: 

  • 25th June 2022, Saturday, 230PM - 530PM
  • 26th June 2022, Sunday, 230PM - 530PM

Switching from throwing with Stoneware Clays to Porcelain might seem like an easy enough thing to do but we will meet some wonderful surprises that will certainly challenge and intrigue. Porcelain is a clay body that has poor plasticity, offers an unusual sensation of 'thirstiness' as it absorbs water quickly, yet collapses easily when too much water is added. It has a wonderful handfeel (like teasing burrata cheese) and requires more subtlety and finesse in movements and fingerwork to guide the clay body into form.

In this two days workshop, participants will get to work with two different porcelain commercial clays to gain an experiential understanding of the range of 'plasticity' in porcelain clay bodies. Teacher Elizabeth will explain the basic chemical composition of all porcelains clays and why they feel the way they do; demonstrate and clarify spiral wedging; explain the pace and thickness in which porcelain should be thrown and why; as well as share her preferred tools for trimming and the Chinese technique of preventing warpage in porcelain vessels. 

Very often, aspiring potters are imbued with the idea that porcelain has to be paper-thin and this can be confusing for throwers. The 'paper-thin' bias is certainly something to be addressed during this workshop. 

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About <Wheel Throwing Immersion>  *Sold Out*

[WTI2022/Batch 1] Dates:  14th, 21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th MAY 2022

Timings: Saturdays and Sundays 230PM - 530PM

If you are looking for a self-compassionate way to get back into pottery throwing , or a way to experience more joy and delight in the process of learning to throw over the potter's wheel, this course is for you. 

Your body has more to offer you than you know. 

This 5 sessions course aims to deepen pottery learners' understanding of the constant communication that runs between the mental and the material, the imagination and the physical, through the gateway of the senses. 

 When practicing with awareness of these internal threads, a deeper layer of intuitive intelligence gradually awakens and guides the experience of a practitioner towards greater maturity and self-discovery. This intuitive intelligence not only informs our practice, but also every experience of our lives. 

An immersion over 5 sessions in 3 weeks will help bring learners towards this experience.

Course Objectives:  

<Wheel Throwing Immersion> is open to practitioners of all levels, including beginners. Everyone will gain insight and input into their own personal practice, no matter what stage they are currently at.

It is for people who are willing to explore a subject-based approach to pottery throwing rather than an object-oriented approach.

It is for those who wish to find a state of relaxed concentration to chart new progress.

This course is not for people who want specific support to meet a concept or deadline that they have for themselves.

Course Structure:

  • Day 1 (3 Hours): " What does Clay want?" 
  • Day 2 (3 Hours): Expressiveness, Playfulness, Failing
  • Day 3 (3 Hours): Stillness, Steadiness, Repetitions
  • Day 4 (3 Hours): Fluidity, Relationality, Connecting
  • Day 5 (3 Hours): Consolidation and Integration

As each lesson continue to build on the knowledge and techniques for each individual, please be able to commit to 5 lessons should you like to sign up for this course.  There is no make-up class. 

Some experiences of working with clay is recommended be it handbuilding or having trial workshop experiences. Those with no experience working with clay but who are very keen to join, should contact Teacher Elizabeth to discuss their options. Individual guidance will be given to all levels, from beginner to the experienced.

Please contact Elizabeth with any questions.

This course aims to offer a new encounter in pottery throwing - gentle yet disciplined, structured yet flexible approach for each individual student within a small community of interlevel learners. We hope learners will leave with a richer and more complex relationship to working with clay. 
300 SGD per person. Course fees include unlimited use of studio clay and bisque firing of up to 8 objects. Glost firing and studio drop-in for glazing will be charged separately.

A single glost firing is chargeable at SGD 15 per KG. Studio drop-in session is SGD20 for 1 hour of glazing.  

Cancellation/Modification Policies: 

Fees for the course is valid for the stated dates and timings only. Participants shall be responsible for his/her attendance. Should a student miss a session, SOCA will not be able to conduct a make-up class. 

This course is non-refundable but transferable upon booking. Postponement or cancellation of the course can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis within reason.


You are highly encouraged to come with cut/short nails, apron, a rag, comfortable loose clothing ie: tee-shirts and shorts (skirts are NOT recommended) and a basic tool kit if you already have one. 

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- Intro to Plaster Mold Making. 7th May 2022. Saturday. 11AM - 1PM  *Sold Out*

Plaster is a strong and highly absorbent material with many uses in pottery studios. Common use of plaster in pottery include mold-making, bat production and creating surfaces for wedging and drying clay. In this workshop, we will be supporting learners to prepare their own plaster wedging board and a one-part mold.

Do note that the session will be dusty and sweaty as we will be working without fans to minimise plaster dust. If you have a respirator or N95 mask, that will be better for your health. Learners will have to carry home the wedging tray and molds after the session to demold the day after. It will be heavy. Do be prepared for some heavy lifting.

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