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Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding (Feb & Mar 2020 now open)

$250.00 SGD

About 'Pottery Fundamentals for Beginners':

This is a Level 1 course in Handbuilding.

Tailored for those without prior experience in pottery-making, this course offers structured and supportive guidance in a studio pottery environment. It is also highly suitable for those who have prior ceramic trial class/practice but would like to refresh or review their understanding of fundamental aspects relevant to pottery making today. 

Course Objectives:  
'Pottery Fundamentals for Beginners' serves as an introduction to the world of hand-built clay objects and its associated techniques. Students will be introduced to the functional and artistic possibilities that the pinch, coil and slab construction offer alongside glazing and decorative possibilitiesAdditionally, students will come to be familiar with the terminologies employed in pottery as well as the general practices of working in a communal ceramic studio.   
Weekly Syllabus/Topics:

  • Week 1: Overview of a crafting journey with clay. Introduction to Material and Studio Pottery Practices. Pinchpotting with and without the use of tools.   
  • Week 2: Coils, Construction & Physics
  • Week 3: Challenges and possibilities of working with Clay Slabs.
  • Week 4: Clay, Glazes & Firing - how they come together. 

This course aims to prepare those who seek to work independently in a ceramic studio. Students will learn to navigate comfortably in a studio setting to work on their own ideas. Classical pottery techniques will be broken down and clarified through demonstrations. Permutations of timeless techniques will be explained in theory.  After the course, all students should be able to adequately identify how pots are made, glazed and fired.  
250SGD per person. This fees is all-inclusive of materials and tools. Firing is charged separately at SGD 2.50 for every 100 grams of fully-vitrified object.   
Cancellation/Modification Policies:  
Fees for the course is valid for the stated dates and timings only. Participants shall be responsible for his/her attendance. SO-CA is not obliged to conduct a make-up session unless discussed and agreed upon prior to the commencement of the course. 

Refunds are only applicable for cancellation of the course at least 1 week prior to the commencement of the course. No refunds will be made should the participant not be able to attend any of the class.   

You are highly encouraged to come with cut/short nails, comfortable loose clothing that allow for perspiration (tee-shirt and shorts) and an apron. 

Private Group Bookings:

As this course takes place only on selected months, we are open to conducting for private groups with a minimum of 3 pax. Please write to us with your 4 dates (to be completed within 1 month) and timings (between 10AM - 5PM) and we will get back to you. 

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