Pottery Fundamentals (JANFEB 2024 Batch 1)

$760.00 SGD

About <Pottery Fundamentals> by SOCA

[PF 2024/ Batch 1] Dates: 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th January & 3rd February 2023

Timings: Saturdays and Sundays 230PM - 6PM

This is a 28 Hours Essential Course in Working with Clay Bodies and Understanding of Colourants in Ceramics.  Certification will be provided upon completion and full attendance of this course. 

<Pottery Fundamentals> is designed for learners who may have some experience working with clay in school, attended ceramic trial sessions or short beginners' pottery courses but would like to deepen their understanding of the material of clay, develop better technical control and awareness of the basic techniques as well as learn from fellow dedicated and sincere practitioners. It is also suitable for a student who has absolutely no prior experience working with clay. 

<Pottery Fundamentals> offers structured, supportive and personalised guidance in a working studio pottery environment. 

Course Objectives:  

<Pottery Fundamentals:Handbuilding> serves as an introduction to the world of hand-built clay objects and its associated techniques. Students will be introduced to the functional and artistic possibilities that the pinch, coil and slab construction offer alongside glazing and decorative possibilities. Students will come to be familiar with the terminology employed in pottery as well as the general etiquette of working in a communal ceramic studio.   
Course Structure:

  • Day 1 (3 Hours): Overview of a typical pottery learner's journey with clay. Introduction to the objectives of this course. Understanding the Particle Structure of Clay Bodies and why this matters. Introduction to clay preparation, pinchpotting and tool handling.
  • Day 2 (3 Hours): Coils, Construction & The Effect of Gravity
  • Day 3 (3.5 Hours): Understanding the Tension and Compression Relationship within Clay through Slab building exercises.
  • Day 4 (3.5 Hours): Working with High Fired Glazes. Brushwork with Cobalt Oxide.
  • Day 5 (3.5 Hours): Rough Sculpting. Formations of Objects to be trimmed.
  • Day 6 (3.5 Hours): Refining an object through leatherhard trimming. Learning to Pull Handles.
  • Day 7 (4 Hours): Combining all three classical Handbuilding techniques for Teapot Building.
  • Day 8 (4 Hours): Working with Middle Fired Glazes. Creating Illustrative pottery with commercial underglazes.

As each lesson continue to build on the knowledge and techniques from the previous class, please be able to commit to all 8 lessons should you like to sign up for this course.  There is no make-up class. 

Students who have prior experience in handbuilding and/or throwing are highly encouraged to join this course to have a better grasp of the basics of pottery-making. 

Certification will be provided upon completion and full attendance of this course. 

This course aims to prepare those who seek to work independently in a ceramic studio or at home. Students will learn to navigate comfortably in a studio setting or set up a home practice to work on their own ideas. Basic pottery techniques will be broken down and clarified through demonstrations. After the course, students will have a deeper appreciation of how ceramics are made, glazed and fired.  
720 SGD per person. Course fees include use of 4-5 different clay bodies over the duration of the course as well as firing of approximately 10  pottery pieces as part of our course. 

Students can purchase clay (SGD 3 per  KG of any clay body) and fire additional objects from his/her home practice, it is chargeable at SGD 3/per 100 grams of item (min SGD 3 per object). 
Cancellation/Modification Policies:  
Fees for the course is valid for the stated dates and timings only. Participants shall be responsible for his/her attendance. Should a student miss a session, SOCA will not be able to conduct a make-up class. 

This course is non-refundable but transferable upon booking. Postponement or cancellation of the course can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis within reason.  

You are highly encouraged to come with cut/short nails, comfortable loose clothing that allow for perspiration (tee-shirt and shorts) and an apron. 

Private Group Bookings:

As this course takes place only on selected months, we are open to conducting for private groups of 2-4 pax. Please write to us at hello@schoolofclayarts.com or WA 8831 4186  to discuss your enquiry. 

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