One Day Pottery Class

We offer a one-off pottery class for those who'd like to experience SO-CA's perspectives towards artisanal pottery-making and teaching style.

We value small-class sizes, a supportive environment for self-expression and learning together.

Pottery Workshop (Handbuilding)

Individual Booking and Group Rates Available

Suitable for anyone age 5 and above, our pottery trial class offers a cosy ceramic studio experience and attentive guidance for anyone to create their vessel of choice. 

Contact us for your booking requirements

Foundational Pottery Courses

We offer two foundational courses for the absolute beginner or anyone who are keen to review their understanding of the methods employed in pottery and/or ceramic crafting today. 

Structured to contextualise what the different modes of making have to offer while breaking each techniques down into basic steps for clarity, students will be encouraged to explore variations and creative applications of techniques over the duration of our courses. 

After each course, students have the option of choosing to take up our Open Studio to continue refining and practising the techniques learnt. 


SGD 250 for 4 sessions

[NEW]  17th, 24th Nov, 1st & 8th Dec 2018.  Saturdays. 10AM - 1230PM

This serves as an introduction to the world of hand-built clay objects and its associated techniques. Students will be exposed to the functional and artistic possibilities that the coil, slab and pinch construction offer alongside glazing and decorative possibilities such as Shinogi, Haritsuki & Nunome. 



SGD 480 for 8 sessions (Valid over 3 months)

Flexible Booking Schedule:

 Fridays 10AM - 1PM; Saturdays 10AM - 1PM; Saturdays 2PM - 5PM; Sundays 10AM - 1PM

This course aims to clarify the essential standards in the discipline of throwing one must work towards. Step-by-step instructions on centering, coning and building cylinders remains the priority of this course. Forming of various shapes, throwing off the hump will be demonstrated and explained. Techniques in trimming foot rings will also be revised.

**We recommend students to undergo 'Pottery Fundamentals: Handbuilding' prior to taking up this course

Write in to us for your learning needs

Open Studio

Open Studio (Independent Practice)

$450 for 10 sessions  |  $250 for 5 sessions

**valid 4 months from the start date. Package can be shared. Strictly not extendable**

Suitable for anyone who would like to maintain a studio practice and develop personal ideas at their own pace. Studio equipment and materials are open for use. 

There is no guided instruction during open studio. However, the instructor will be present for any technical assistance. 

Fees include studio clay; Firing is charged separately at $2.50 per 100g for any double-fired (bisqued and glost) item.

Contact us about our Open Studio Pass

Open Studio Hours:

Friday            1000 - 1300 h

Saturday       1000 - 1300 h / 1400 - 1700 h

Sunday          1000 - 1300 h 

Please respect studio hours and factor in adequate time for cleaning up. 

Important Addendum

  • Speciality clay or glazes for individual projects can be purchased at SO-CA.
  • To protect other people's work, we will not fire works with glazed bases. 
  • As storage is limited, any uncollected work may be disposed of after 2 months. 
  • Students are liable for replacement costs for damaged kiln shelves caused by their work sticking to our kiln shelves.
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